Top Reasons You Are Missing Serious Relationship


There are ups and downs and a serious relationship goes through all that through a dating site. Some people stay strong through fights and breakups and get back together. There is optimism for the future when you are in a serious relationship. If you are asking yourself why are you not in a serious relationship yet, you need to do some serious introspection. Simply some people are not ready for the commitment. Following are the reasons why are you still in casual relationships!

Reasons why you’re still not in serious relationships

If you did not move on from previous experience, it is hard to build a new one. There have been many relationships stories that are so intense, consuming and engaging that you cannot handle a breakup and you certainly cannot move on. It is usually the case with first love when you are in university.

That break up makes you not fall in love again because you are afraid of another breakup. Or you might want to go back to your first love. Therefore, casual relationships with single women via a dating service with no strings attached seem the easiest way to move forward. There is a direct link between commitment and sexuality. What’s more?

  • You know it is not going to work – for some reason maybe religion, family or your origin, you know that your relationship is not going to work. Consequently, you don’t even try to put in efforts and you want to keep it casual. At this point, it is worthwhile to add that you might be afraid of breakups and you try to find a woman online for casual relationships via online dating are easy to come out from.
  • Arrogance – in this world of fast and rapid dating, you want to fit in. You try to look cool by dating many people using an online dating site and fit in. Changing partners using an online dating service occasionally makes you look like you are very popular and thus you get your friend’s attention. This might not be the perfect way to fit in.
  • A different mindset – some people have a different mindset and cannot stay along with one person. This is especially true with those people whose zodiac sign is Aquarius because they do not have strong emotional bonding. This makes them an easy target for cheating. Of course, being an Aquarius does not give you the freedom to cheat. Some people also do not like clinging personalities who are too dependent on others. People are different and you just have to adjust with everyone.
  • Rescue troubled people – you want to date the people who have some serious troubles and you find happiness in changing them with love. Such troubled people usually are not committed and you keep facing heartbreak and move on another rescue mission. One thing which is constant in such things is that people with bad habits or any kind of problems will never change because of you. If they want to change, that will happen because they want to. Such changes happen only in movies.